by Amberyse

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Harder, the harder I fall
This abyss you can take it all
Your thoughts will rive to consume the vessel to kill the shepherd to control the herd
Bring forth the devil in me
Sacrifice what you see to believe
Trapped in the walls of your own anxiety
I can’t stop you from spreading your own disease

You're just a rat here to spread your disease

Over and over I’ve seen this before
When you open a window you’re closing a door
And when your time runs thin you are left to endure this hell I call my own


Your ignorance equals war

When it’s over it’s over no time to explain
My mind it fights me I’m going insane
I stand here alone with no one else to blame
I live my life in constant agony

Take it all take the secrets I hold
Take all these burdens drown this lust I have yet to control
I wont go out like this I refuse to bow down
I walk this land with a hollow crown

It takes a life just to believe
Take my hand and you'll see what I mean
Look at me in my eyes when you're standing you're ground
Tell me once again why you're not running away
Just tell me why you’re not running away from me
Tell me why you're not afraid


released June 16, 2016
Recorded, produced, mixed & mastered @ Monolith Studios by Chris Thelemco.
Artwork by Tristan Tait Illustrations.
Lyrics written by Jayden Andrews.
Music written by Amberyse.



all rights reserved


Amberyse Geelong, Australia

Amberyse are an Australian Metalcore band from Geelong, Victoria, formed in 2014. With influences from bands like Architects, As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, and Periphery, their killer riffs and fiery stage presence breathe a new life into the metal genre. ... more

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